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Boots Measuring Process

Before You Begin


  • Cloth tape measure
  • Sharp pencil or fine pen


  • A willing measuring partner


  • Your favorite socks!
  • Wear orthotics? Let us know!
  • Tuck your pants in if desired

Reminder: Take real-size measurements — only add extra space if you would like a looser fit.

After you have taken all measurements, head over to our Custom Measurements page with your order number.

Any questions? Call at (804) 247-0670, or send Robert an email at!

Sole Measurements

Standing with socks on, place your right foot flat on a plain piece of paper, allowing regular body weight to be distributed equally to both feet. Have someone else take a fine tip pen or sharpened pencil (do not use markers), holding it straight up and down at a 90 degree angle to the floor (not leaning in or out) against your foot, and carefully trace all the way around the foot, re-tracing at least 3 TIMES. Repeat with left foot.

If you use a custom orthotic, place the orthotic inside the sock against the foot and then measure.

  1. Foot Length: The length of your tracings from big toe to heel. This will give you the length of the foot.

  2. Foot Width (ball): Around the ball and behind the little toe where the foot is the broadest

  3. Foot Width (waist): Where the circumference of the foot is smallest

  4. Foot Width (instep): Over bone on the point

  5. Heel Length: Around the heel where the foot bends

  6. Foot Width (heel): Width of the heel at its widest point

Circumference Measurements

Have someone else do this for you. Do not take these measurement yourself. While standing with your weight on the foot. Place the tape measure around the foot slightly snug, but not tight.

  1. Ball: Around the foot at the widest part of the ball

  2. Waist: Around the foot, just below the ball

  3. Instep: Around the foot at the instep

  4. Heel: Around the heel as shown in picture

  5. Ankle: Around the ankle at the bone

  6. Leg at 15cm: Around your leg 15 centimeters up from ground

  7. Leg at 20cm: Around your leg 20 centimeters up from ground

  8. Leg at 25cm: Around your leg 25 centimeters up from ground

  9. Leg at 30cm: Around your leg 30 centimeters up from ground

  10. Height at Calf: The height of the widest part of your leg

  11. Calf Circumference: The widest part of your leg

  12. Boot Height: This tells how far up your leg the boot shaft will go. When standing in you sock feet measure how far you want the boot to come up you leg. The heel will add overall height to the boot. This measurement is how high the boot will come up your leg.

  13. Top of Boot: Circumference at the top of the boot

  14. Top of Foot: from the top of your toe to the break where the foot hits the leg

To download these instructions, click here and select File->Download.

After you have taken all measurements, head over to our Custom Measurements page with your order number.